Bilingualism Aids Students in Understanding Lessons More Effectively

Bilingual Education needs to be implemented in schools. Today, learning English is not enough for economic and educational success. Knowing and functioning in more than one language is vital for mass communication and global interdependence. Bilingual education is important because students will not learn academic subject material if they cannot understand the language and as a result, these students have high drop out rates and low achievement scores. According to Jim Cummins, of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, “children’s first language skills must become well developed to ensure that their academic and linguistic performance in the second language is maximized.” The research implies that in order to have growth in the second language, one needs to have a developed first language because “concepts learned in one language can be transferred to another. Furthermore, in school, the kind of language used to teach students needs to be aimed so that a student can acquire the language easily, and this is possibly through how the teacher teaches her class and how well student understand the language.  A good bilingual education programs see and build upon the skills students bring to school. Overall, bilingualism presents great opportunities to American population because it allows students to learn academic materials thoroughly and be proficient in two languages.


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