Learn English Faster: Don’t be Afraid to be Wrong in Reading or Writing

When I was seven years old, I can speak, read, and write Tagalog (national language of the Philippines) and English well for a young boy. Being bilingual is normal for a kid like me whose parents speak two languages. Growing up, my dad and I only communicate using English and my mom and I only communicate in Tagalog. Before migrating to America, I feel closer to my mom because I prefer to speak Tagalog rather than English. On the other hand, talking to my dad in English while living in the Philippines seems unnecessary. Even worse, he forced me to watch English TV shows and movies whenever we were together. Today, I am thankful for my dad pushing me all those years to only speak English around him. In a way, He prepared me to live in an American environment. After thirteen years of English background, I feel confident with my English reading and writing skills. The best advice I can give to improve English skills outside of classroom is to just speak English at a comfortable level, enjoy communicating in English, and no pressure. Overtime, the repetition of speaking English is going to help improve English skills and help increase one’s confidence level.


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