Easily Adjust to American Lifestyle with Bilingualism

Asian Americans and Asian Immigrants do not let acculturative stress drive them away from the US because Asian families did not move to America to change their culture and traditions but to receive good education. Bilingualism is a good supplement as a student because it creates a positive effect on the academic achievement of immigrant children. Second-generation Asian American families mostly communicate in English and therefore, they do not practice or know their native language. Immigrant children, who are fluent bilingual, speaks their native language to keep important aspects of their ethnic culture and talks English to meet the demands of English speaking society. Speaking a native language with parents creates a positive effect.  Naturally, learning to speak one’s native language makes it possible for the youth to fully communicate with elders because not all the words from one’s native language can be directly translated to English. Bilingualism facilitates passing on cultural traditions and living vicariously through native memoirs from the older generations. Bilingualism is a way for Asian immigrants and their children to hold onto their cultural heritage while adapting to life in the US and high levels of native language communication about their culture within a racial group preserves ethnicity and helps the youth in lowering acculturative stress. Most likely, people who have the same nationality will have a sense of unity and will communicate well with each other.


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