Bilingualism: Leader in Promoting Global Views

Bilingual Education is an advantage and helpful when traveling to other countries which practices a different language. Being bilingual helps a person to communicate effectively without the help of translators. Today, global education is an integral part of the world and knowing a second language provides student opportunities to study and work abroad. In addition, being bilingual helps in thinking more creatively because knowing at least two languages means that person have two words for each idea. Two words mean the same thing when translated back to English but different meanings are attached to words by two known languages. Thus, a person who is bilingual may develop the ability to be more flexible not only about words but other ideas too. Once a person knows two languages, then learning another language becomes easier. Furthermore, being bilingual gives a person more choices. If a war breaks out in the country one lives in now, bilingualism will be an important tool because a person will be able to move to the country and communicate in their language. When parents and their children speak a different first language, then the child can communicate more effectively and eventually developing a closer relationship with their parents. Overall, being able to communicate well between generations aids to establish a sense of cultural identity to an extended family.


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