Bilingual Education: Student’s Self-esteem and Relationships

Student’s self esteem and identity is affected by the language practiced in their school. School programs that value each child’s home language shows positive effects because it increases children’s sense of self. Knowing self identity is important because it boosts confidence self image, and self-esteem. Including other languages in the classroom shows students that their language and ethnicity are valuable. By not including their home language in school, the student’s sense of self will be lowered and disheartened because of the hardships they face when working on difficult schoolwork. This result into a lower self esteem and as a result, student’s ability and drive to do well and participate fully in school is decreased. Furthermore, bilingual education in school provides an English and non English dominant students the chance to be models and experts between one another in several situations in class. To have an effective education with a diverse student body, schools need to implement fair social justice and equal educational opportunity. Topics of discussion need to be moderated by the teacher because it will aid in producing similar participation and new relationships among students. Bilingual education is going to be more effective if all students are treated equal because students have equal access to resources and students become more comfortable learning and working together in the same classroom.


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