Blog Analysis

The purpose of my blog is to promote bilingual education. My audiences are teachers and parents. Based on my audience, I use a formal language and a serious tone because it is important to present well-written blogs to teachers and parents. The message I am trying to convey is that bilingual Education is important because not only students understand school lessons better; it also helps them to make new friends in school. With more friends, students are going to be happier. Mastering the English language for foreign students takes a long time and practice is the best way to learn so schools need to promote bilingual education to encourage students to succeed. On the flip side, fluent English speakers also benefit from learning another language because they are going to be exposed to other culture and learn from it. Bilingual education helps American and foreign students.

Two of my blog posts are short summaries of my journey from the Philippines to the United States. As a foreign student myself, bilingualism is a main factor that help me adjust into living an American lifestyle and that is why I see how important it is to promote bilingual education in school. Students will feel more comfortable and open in an environment where they are accepted and respected at the same time. Three of my blogs are about bilingualism’s effect in students over time. First, bilingualism makes a student increase cognitive thinking for example they find more than one way to solve problems. As a result, if students learn bilingualism at an early age, students are going to do better in tests and learn school lessons faster. Another important effect is student’s behavior. With bilingualism, students are apt to display better behavior in school; meaning they learn and keep having good manners and right conduct in an early age. All my posts connect effectively to teachers and parents. My blog consists of my personal memoirs, research on the benefits of bilingualism, and why being bilingual is helpful in the future. Logos in my blog is used when I wrote about research studies regarding bilingualism. For example, one study I wrote about is if students know bilingualism, there is an increase on the number of students with higher cognitive thinking is a logos argument because it is factual and based on statistics. Ethos in my blog is seen when I use well written, correct grammar and proper language specifically for my audience. Pathos in my blog is seen when I wrote about two blog posts on my experience as a new student in an American school.

The theme of my blog is Esquire; it is elegant, bold, and visually distinct. This theme is appropriate and appealing to my audience because it looks professional and easy to read. This theme works for the promotion of bilingualism because it brings out a serious tone but balances out with how the pictures are set up and can be easily seen.

To enhance my blogs, I use six pictures and I did not explain any of my pictures in the actual blogs because most of them are cartoons that deliver a clear message related to a specific blog post. The pictures create a strong impact in my logos and pathos because it provides a different scenario where the same message is portrayed. Also, I did not use any videos because most of the videos I found regarding benefits of bilingualism are long, repetitive, and boring.

Except for the introduction and conclusion, the order of my posts does not matter because each post takes a different angle on why bilingualism is necessary and beneficial. In real life, the benefits of bilingualism do not come in a distinct order instead it comes in different ways in every student.

All in all, bilingualism is a great addition in schools and hopefully, parents and teachers see the key benefits it gives both American and foreign students. In the future, students will have more views education not just in the classroom but also globally.


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